Not everyone can run an empire. For most, the level of responsibility and sacrifice required are too great. But for a few select others, it is like manifest destiny. It is like they were breed for nothing else. Miss Diddy was born to dominate L.A! She is constantly raising the bar through her hard work, attention to detail, and dedication to her clients. Anything with her name attached is destined to be something worth talking about. For the best events in LA, there is only one option. For the best professional branding, there is only one option. For the best foundation to revitalize a community there is only one option. Yes others may throw events, do branding, and even have a few charities, but for the best, there’s only Miss Diddy, The Ambassador of LA!


A HBO Def Poet, Hampton University Graduate, secondary school educator, emcee, photographer, writer, and graphic designer; “Riva” is a jill of all trades. Currently “Riva” is writing her first book, teaching eighth grade, planning a move to California, and working on her first official mixtape entitled “F.L.O.W. 101.

Graduate from The Fashion School of Kent State University /BS Fashion Merchandising, Minor in Marketing

Naturally nurturing, Kori loves helping others and is especially passionate about assisting minorities excel within the fashion industry. Kori fell in love with art and fashion from the creativity and style of the women in her family.She has interned for IMG, BET, HONEY Magazine, as well as Baby Phat, and gained a global perspective of fashion and culture through her study abroad experiences which led her to Italy, France, England, Germany, Switzerland, as well as New York. She prays (everyday literally) to become employed as a trend/color forecaster or wardrobe stylist for a major television show or network, and plans on eventually owning her own agency that will bridge her love of theatre and fashion together.

Jesus. Family. Beyonce, Teedra Moses, and Jill Scott equally. Traveling. Eating. Vintage Clothing/Shopping. Show tunes. Theatre. Math. Making things /Arts and Crafts/Painting. Pickles. Nail Polish. MODISTA. Tap Dance. Makeup. Tetris. The color Pink. Buffalo Wings w/Salad. Dancing at wedding receptions with my cousins.  My nephew J

I am extremely grateful and humbled to the Edge Founders for the opportunity to work for the magazine, I promise to do my best and hope to make you guys proud. And Iman/BBG#1  I love you!