Meet The Team

Iman Milner

Actress/Writer/Editor-in-Chief of Edge Magazine Graduate of the University of Minnesota/Guthrie Theatre BFA Actor Training Program

Iman has owned and operated EDGE Magazine since its conception in August 2010 after seeing a void in positive stories in Black media. Her hope was to provide an alternate option to read about some of the most talented and inspiring individuals in the minority community.

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In love with all things dope and head over heels, forever devoted to all things art- — Iman Milner is an aspiring and working actress who plans to someday be a legend. A self proclaimed “fly nerd”, Iman has never been afraid to be herself or express herself artistically. As the daughter of a professional dancer mother and a Broadway playwright father, she takes great pride in calling herself an artist and seeks to inspire others through the words she writes and the characters she portrays.

Favorite Things: God- nothing without him and I mean NOTHING. Acting. Cherries. Mommy. Little Sister. My father’s legacy. Detroit-my city. my home.  Kobe Bryant and his Lakers. Music that makes me feel something. Salvador Dali. The Tony Awards. Oscars. White nail polish. Dr. Suess. Indian food. Trail mix (only the Planters kind). Fat babies. Old people. Movies with great story lines. Michael Ealy. Edge Magazine :)

Favorite Quote of the moment: “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”

I don’t hate things or people. Ok…raisins. But that’s it. Oh and tomatoes. But nothing else. Oh ok…one more…the word “haters”.



Phoenix White

Creative Director | Designer | Photographer | Edge Magazine – Prairie View A&M University & The Art Institute

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A woman who’s soul purpose is to help heal, empower and inspire through creativity,  one that is in love with the beauty of  embracing and experiencing ‘moments’ and  capturing the true essence of a persons spirit.  Phoenix started her career as an intern for Jive records & BMG distribution in Dallas,Texas and was quickly recognized for her talent as a visionary in the creative field. She soon began working as the Fan Club and merchandising director for the grammy award winning group ‘Destiny’s child’ as things just took off from there as Creative Directing & Music is her ultimate passion.

Favorite Things: 

I Love to learn new things by way of traveling and experiencing, I am definitely a computer nerd, my lap top sleeps next to me, I love lemon pepper wings. I love the energy of purple orchids makes me smile any day of the week. Im am spiritually connected to anything water, the  ocean, lakes, long baths everyday….. I haven’t taken a shower in almost a year. I use it as my time to meditate and decompress.  I love learning about spiritual stuff. metaphysics, I love my sons laugh. Cooking dinner to samba music. I love music. Cuddling. Massages. Painting. Deepak Chopra or whatever inspirational audio book that raises my vibration or awareness. Ice skating. Watching Spartacus & Scandal. Being with people I Love. I have so many favorite things, I could go on and on. So I think i’ll just stop now lol.