Be Heard Featured Artist: K-City / SoundSick

Who are you?

We are SoundSick.

Describe your style.

Our style is definitely fresh and unique. Coming from the Midwest and having the chance to international has brought a unique influence to our style, but it definitely is something hot, new and different.

What Is HipHop Missing?

Hip hop these days is missing originality. A lot of fads and gimmicks spread quickly because of the internet and most people are quick to adapt to a fad rather then try to be different or unique. Thats why you’ll see a lot of dudes who might live in a completely different part of the country biting the swag from other parts of the country. There’s no originality any more, but I do believe if people were harness their own originality then Hip Hop would be in a better place.

Why are you an artist that deserves to be heard?

We deserve to be heard because we have the charisma, appeal, the swagger and originality of great music. Check us out and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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