Beauty of the Ball (Game): Leekplay Paye


EDGE: Who is Leekplay Paye?

LP: Leekplay Paye is a 24 year old outgoing, driven, inspired, Liberian Native who is passionate about her goals and aspirations in life.

EDGE: Have your hobbies changed since you became a professional athlete? 

LP: My hobbies have changed drastically since football. I’m more focused and disciplined then I have ever been. Instead of sitting by the pool im getting a pool workout in. Always working and taking notes. Football isn’t just a sport it’s a lifestyle so pretty much everything I do relates to getting better on and off the field.

EDGE: How have people responded to you being a Lingerie football player? Do you get treated differently?

LP: Just about everyone loves the idea of beautiful women playing football. The love and support has been more than enough. Many women look up to us and you get a lot of men who want to challenge us! (Laughs)  You also get people who don’t understand why we are out there risking our bodies. They don’t realize we do it for the love of the game. I have come to the conclusion that not everyone will agree with what you do in life.

EDGE: If we told you back when you were 15 that you would be a Lingerie player what would you say?

LP: I would have said “You’re probably right” I love the game of football!

EDGE: What is your daily routine like? 

LP: Most of us work other jobs. During the season we are always training, working out, watching film whether it is LFL film, NFL, Collegiate, AFL we watch it cause no matter what, we are learning something. Sometimes it takes a 2-a-day workout to get the job done. Always working, always ready.

EDGE: What opportunities has the LFL gotten you?

LP: The LFL has opened so many doors for me and other LFL athletes. It had enhanced my modeling career and network connection within the community. We are always doing events and things for the community and charity. On top of several modeling gigs and tv opportunities the LFL has positively changed my life.

EDGE: Is there anything that you would like to see change in the Lingerie football league?

LP: Yes, to bring my state home a championship… Minnesota Valkyrie.

EDGE: What do you see yourself doing in 5 years? Is the LFL a door opener for any other ventures or just for fun? 

LP: I see myself playing for as long as I can. This is an opportunity I won’t let go. As long as my body will allow it, I will be on that field bustin’ heads. I’m not going anywhere.

Photos and Interview by: Ashley Nguyen

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