EDGE Inspiration: Tameka Raymond Honors...

Tragically  the son of Tameka Raymond, ex-wife of superstar Usher, was killed in a jet ski accident after being in critical condition last year. We can only imagine the turmoil a mother goes through when burying her child while also experiencing a very public child custody battle but Tameka Raymond has shown incredible strength. She has decided to start a… Continue »

EDGE Leadership: Brandon McEachern of...

by: iman n. milner   When we were first introduced to Broccoli City here at EDGE we were immediately sold. It is very seldom that you met a group of young men so adamant about their business and who jump at the opportunity to help others. After being blown away by the passion they have as a unit to showcase… Continue »

CNN Heroes Countdown to Awards

For the past six years, CNN has been honoring everyday people who are changing the world. Sunday night, Anderson Cooper will host another “CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute” live at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT on CNN, celebrating this year’s top 10 Heroes. Each all star will receive a $50,000 grant for their extraordinary efforts to improve the lives of… Continue »

Edge Magazine Honors Breast Cancer...

  Even though she faced many trials in her life, Jennie M. Bennett, still has a heart for helping numerous women diagnosed with breast cancer who are scared, hurt, angry, and have many questions. Currently, she works to assist women staring a diagnosis of breast cancer in the face, find hope, healing, and make meaningful life changes. To accomplish this,… Continue »

EDGER Baiyu’s Giving Page to...

To Donate : In 2012, has partnered Pop/R&B artist Baiyu in an effort to bring awareness and support towards music programs in impoverished neighborhoods from all across the United States.  From now until May 15th, Friends and Fans of Baiyu have the unique opportunity to get their donation doubled for up to $100 via support from the Board… Continue »

Inspirational Spotlight: D.R.E.A.M...

Two years ago student Christina Sturdivant was embarking on the role of a lifetime: being a single mother to a son, Monte. In a situation that would cause many to buckle under the pressure, Sturdivant decided to take the chance to help herself  and others by starting a foundation that would help girls in her position to stand firmly on… Continue »

Edge Spotlight Artist: Chantel...

Chantel “Chani” Christie is only seventeen years old but she is already a best selling author, a United States Ambassador for HIV/AIDS, a TV producer and a recording artist working on her sophomore album. In short, she is inspiring. With her focus on helping her peers to reach their full potential and desire to create a positive community platform with… Continue »

Modern Day Gypsy: Melissa Flavia of...

Melissa Flavia is as unassuming a warrior as ever. She is calm, poised, ethereal and approachable, but not in a way in which one can assume that she is complacent or boring.  On this night she is gearing up to perform in front of a sort of “meals on wheels” operation. The venue is ‘Leo’s Taco Truck’, simply named for… Continue »