EDGE Music: Beyonce Joins Solange At...

Coachella continued yesterday with more performances and they all seemed to move the crowd much better than the long awaited Outkast reunion. Soul sista #1, Solange Knowles, was keeping things funky on the stage when she was joined by her superstar big sis, Beyonce. The duo both looked adorable with Queen Bey rocking a Top Shop skirt and shirt combo… Continue »

EDGE Music: Full Outkast Coachella...

Coachella is in full-swing here in California and of course the talk of the moment is Outkast’s headlining performance during last night’s opening day. Crowds of over 75,000 fans packed onto the main festival grounds for what was slated to be a history making comeback performance from arguably the greatest hip-hop group in the world. The show began with Outkast… Continue »
Chicago P.D. - Season 1

EDGE Exclusive: Actor LaRoyce Hawkins...

by erika d. coldman Last week, I got the opportunity sit and talk with LaRoyce Hawkins, actor on NBC’s hit drama, Chicago P.D.  If you are unfamiliar with the show, it follows the lives of the officers from the Chicago police force, focusing more on the Intelligence Unit as they handle crimes such as drug trafficking, organized crimes and murders…. Continue »

EDGE Webseries: American KoKo Imagines...

by: iman n. milner Ever wondered what it’d be like if Olivia Pope and her Gladiators dealt with all the highly racist things that happen in our “post-racial” America? Look no farther than Diarra Kilpatrick’s American KoKo. Kilpatrick is a Detroit native and a supremely talented actress whose new series isn’t just entertaining but highly intelligent. The series follows Akosua Miller as… Continue »

EDGE Music: Janelle Monae and M.I.A...

Holograms have been slowly making their way into normalcy. After Will.I.Am was hologrammed in to CNN following President Barack Obama‘s election in 2008 and Coachella debuted a Tupac hologram a couple years back, people have been wondering who’s next to be technologically created. Well, the wait is over. Last Thursday night, Janelle Monae and M.I.A performed together despite being in… Continue »

Music News: Nas and Michael Eric Dyson...

On the heels of the 20th anniversary, (damn, man), of Nas’ prolific Illmatic album, the rap King is talking about the state of hip-hop in today’s world. Nas and famed author/speaker, Michael Eric Dyson, spoke live at Georgetown University‘s Gaston Hall on March 27th. The one-hour discussion covered the profound effect Nas’ first album had on the game and where… Continue »

EDGE New Visuals: Dominique Toney...

by: iman n. milner I had the pleasure of meeting and working with this talented young woman last year and became an instant fan! She’s been rocking all over the country as both an actress and singer. Dominique Toney is a TISCH graduate and LA native with art flowing through her blood. Today she’s released a new video for a… Continue »

Music News: Jazmine Sullivan Is...

Look at what God did!!! Jazmine Sullivan is coming back to music. Since releasing her sophomore album, Love Me Back, she’s been on a hiatus from music, one that she credits partially to a broken relationship. During a live performance in London at the KoKo theater, Sullivan announced that we’ll be hearing new music from her and she even debuted a new… Continue »
Pharrell Williams 2012

EDGE Music: 5 Pharrell Songs You...

by: iman n. milner Pharrell is continuing his amazing reign over the music world with a new gig as a coach on NBC’s The Voice. The mega-star producer/artist took to his instagram to make the announcement yesterday and it shocked many. Here’s what the show runners had to say about the decision to replace CeeLo Green with the “Happy” singer:… Continue »

Throwback Thursday: A Different World

Every morning, from 6am to 7am, I watched two rerun episodes of this show before heading out to school. A Different World is what shaped my imagination on what it was like to be a young college student, especially at an HBCU. It settled my appetite, serving as a perfect spin off to the iconic Cosby Show, while touching on… Continue »