EDGE Webseries: American KoKo Imagines...

by: iman n. milner Ever wondered what it’d be like if Olivia Pope and her Gladiators dealt with all the highly racist things that happen in our “post-racial” America? Look no farther than Diarra Kilpatrick’s American KoKo. Kilpatrick is a Detroit native and a supremely talented actress whose new series isn’t just entertaining but highly intelligent. The series follows Akosua Miller as… Continue »

EDGE Web Bits: Issa Rae Presents...

Issa Rae continues to give voice to our everyday existence. What’s more real than #BlackTwitter watching a show all at the same time? You know the characters: the people who hate the show yet watch every week, the guy who’s trying to sneak in his links using the hashtag and of course, the West Coaster who knows good and well… Continue »

EDGE Webseries: Chicago-Based Series...

by: Erika D. Coldman Coming from a place often perceived as violent, gritty and otherwise undesirable, Sandrel “Sanicole” Young, Chicago native and filmmaker, has given her hometown something to be proud of. Two months ago, this young visionary brought the story of all artists alike to life in her first web series titled The City Hates Us, highlighting what it… Continue »

EDGE Webseries: Issa Rae Presents...

  We’re so glad that people have taken to Andrea Lewis and Issa Rae’s new series Black Actress. It’s the latest hit on Issa’s YouTube channel and it not only addresses the struggle of the everyday life of Black women in the entertainment industry but also gives those of us who are aspiring to break through wonderful advice from industry… Continue »

EDGE Webseries: Issa Rae Presents...

by: iman n. milner Earlier this year we told you that everyone’s favorite webstar was teaming with one of our favorite people ever for a one-of-a-kind look at what life is like for Black actresses. Well, the time has arrived! Actress/writer/singer/Queen of Curls and positivity President, Andrea Lewis has teamed with Issa Rae for her debut series, Black Actress. The series follows… Continue »

EDGE TV: ‘Orange Is The New...

Orange Is The New Black was all the rage this summer with its array of characters and sort-of-interesting plotline. Well it’s gotten the parody treatment courtesy of the good folks at Black&Sexy TV and it features everyone’s favorite Awkward Black Girl, Issa Rae, as the beloved character, Taystee. Here’s a little more about the parody: Jessa Zarubica (It’s not Porn…it’s HBO) and Issa Rae (Awkward Black… Continue »

EDGE Support: Reagan Gomez Presents...

Everyone knows that once you’re part of the EDGE family we like to support all of your endeavors. Two of our favorite EDGErs are gearing up to make some big moves and they need your help! Hot off the heels of joining the cast of TVOne’s Love That Girl, Reagan Gomez is raising money for season 2 of her hit web… Continue »

EDGE Funny: Got 2B Real Finale Part 2

  The incomparable Patti LaHelle is saying goodbye to her original series, Got 2B Real, with an amazing Part 2 of the finale. The series started a few years ago and developed a intense and committed following…us included. The multitalented content creator voices the main characters who specialize in shade, reading and FIERCEness and range from Patti Labelle to Dionne Warwick… Continue »

EDGE Comedy: Gabrielle Union Stars on...

Gabrielle Union really seems like the coolest woman on earth. From her witty responses to D. Wade critics to her humorous instagram posts…she’s quite frankly everything we’d want in a best friends. She is collaborating on so many projects with various creators around the web and recently she’s joined with Shaq for his YouTube comedy network. We love how the… Continue »

EDGE Webseries: Black and Sexy TV...

Last week Black and Sexy TV premiered a new webseries co-created by actress Ashley Blaine Featherson and Lena Waithe entitled ‘Hello Cupid’. The series follows two friends as they conduct an experiment to see if colorism runs rampant on dating sites. Check out the second episode here on EDGE: And if you missed Episode 1: Continue »