#30Brands30Days- FineTuned Threads

Living a life on the EDGE means never letting anyone come in the way of your dreams and to be in control of your own destiny.  FineTuned Threads was established in 2008 from the sister line of Faedrah Clothing Company. It’s a eco friendly, hip line that takes the old and revamps it into the new. The mission is to… Continue »

#30Brands30Days – 8and9 Life

8&9 is a conscious, independent clothing company. We design from a diverse perspective. Inspired by our passions and experience; street shit, hip-hop, skating, sneakers, modern politics and even pop culture. As a brand our focuses are concept, color, quality and details others overlook. Our path is one of constant improvement tweaking and fine tuning as we work to the top…. Continue »

#30Brands30Days – Jefferson Ave

“Life on the EDGE means to live like there’s no tomorrow, approaching every challenge without fear and never letting an opportunity pass.” Jefferson Ave is a lifestyle brand of urban apparel influenced by the street in Detroit, MI of which it shares its name. With a focus on high quality garments, we bring fashion that is adaptable  to any lifestyle. Throughout the 90’s, Jefferson… Continue »

#30Brand30Days – Temira

“Living life on the EDGE means daring to confidently step out in faith no matter the cost. When you step out you’ll have doubts and critics but firmly stand on God’s word because He made a promise. Trusting in God’s promise is living life on the EDGE!” The word TEMIRA is derived from the Hebrew language , meaning “tall”.  The… Continue »

#30Brands30Days – dotado apparel

“Living on the EDGE means being able to make a statement and do you! “ dotado™ apparel (doe•tah•doe uh•par•uhl) provides quality apparel that reflects the positivity of life and celebrates talents through its designs, spokespersons and hosted events. Our motto is: Make a statement. Do you. We pride ourselves on providing the best products to our customers. From the materials… Continue »

#30Brands30Days – Reckless...

Living on the EDGE means “D.T.D.I. Dare To Do It.” If we don’t, who will? We only have 1 life to live…so we live it the fullest!” Being reckless does not mean we don’t care about life; it means…we CARE TO LIVE life! We know that doing the right thing really means doing the wrong thing… (Going against the establishment) “D.T.D.I. Dare To Do… Continue »

#30Brands30Days- Jenise Gregg

” Life on the EGDE means not being afraid to stand at the edge of the cliff taking a deep breath closing your eyes and jump. Hold nothing the back and leaving nothing left on the table.” Jenise Gregg Couture’s mission is to change the way women feel about themselves through fashion. By creating garments that speak to who women… Continue »

#30Brands30Days – Born into...

“Living on the edge means to stand out. To be unique. To pave your own path. To stay positive when society tells you not to. You have the world at your finger tips…You were Born Into Royalty.” “Born Into Royalty is a collective of positive minded individuals with like minded goals. All of whose mission is to positively affect the… Continue »

#30Brands30Days – Infatué

“Living on the EDGE means taking risks and going after what you love even when all odds are against you.” Infatué:( in-fat-chu ) is an upscale urbanwear clothing company based out of Denver, Colorado. Encouraging everyone, everywhere to go after what they love, like an infatuation. Not your average screen printed tee’s ,but hand crafted pieces of art in clothing… Continue »

#30Brands30Days – Barack the Vote

” Living on the EDGE means pursuing what you love without fear.” Barack the Vote, LLC. is a phenomenon as big as President Barack Obama. Barack the Vote is owned and operated by brother and sister team, Brandon Broussard (TV Writer) and Lorielle Broussard.  Established in July of 2007, Barack the Vote, LLC. is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. A… Continue »