EDGE Politics: Black Students at...

by: iman n. milner As a Black student who attended a predominately white institution, seeing the tweets filed under the #BBUM hashtag brought up some feelings I didn’t know I still had. I applaud the Black students at the University of Michigan for being brave enough to speak so openly and candidly about their experiences and before I go into… Continue »

EDGE News: Baby Born With HIV, Cured?

According to various news reports, a newborn baby born with HIV in Mississippi has been cured. The unidentified child was put on antiretroviral therapy hours after birth and has been off medication for a year, showing no signs of infection, ABC News reports. The breakthrough case was announced Sunday (March 3) at Atlanta’s 2013 Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections…. Continue »

EDGE Inspiration: Chris Brown Gives...

  Chris Brown is always in the news but never for the good work he does with children. His Symphonic Love Foundation that he started with the help of Karreuche Tran will give Adrienne Beal, Stormy Calloway, Michael George, Wayne Mackins, Alexis Harrington, Joshua Horton, Jhaelin McQuay, Amira Murphy, Makayla Perry, Emma Rosenzweig-Bock and Whitney Springer an all expense paid enrollment… Continue »

EDGE Breaking News: Former LAPD Officer...

  The world is watching the standoff between former LADP officer Chris Dorner and the Sheriff’s department in Big Bear, CA. There are lots of opinions flying around social networks and like many of us, you may not know what any of the facts are behind this murdering spree. Well, a few weeks ago Dorner posted was is being called… Continue »

EDGE Visuals: Mindless Behavior...

Grammy weekend is in full effect here in Los Angeles and there’s new music and videos dropping left and right from some artists who have been quiet for the last year. First up, our future Cover guys Mindless Behavior are preparing to return to music in a big way with their new music, sound and style. Check out the behind… Continue »
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EDGE TV: Devon Franklin Delivers...

  Here at EDGE Magazine, we do not shy away from our faith and are always inspired by young people on fire for God and unashamed of their relationship with and to the father. One of our favorite speakers is Devon Franklin, author of Produced by Faith and husband to actress Meagan Good. We are proud members of One Church International… Continue »

EDGE Politics- President Obama Speaks...

President Barack Obama sat down with NBC’s David Gregory to discuss some pretty important issues pressing our country over his next 4 years in the White House. The most blaring issues at hand was the overlooked and yet widely discussed “fiscal cliff” and the pressure to enforce stronger gun laws in the wake of the tragedy in Newtown, Co. Watch… Continue »

EDGE Inspiration: Jamie Foxx, Beyonce,...

Our country has been shaken to the core by the gruesome and horrific events that took place in Newtown, Connecticut one week ago today. Some of Hollywood and music’s biggest stars have joined together in a video demanding a change of our current gun control laws. Check it out: The time is now to discuss what the future of this… Continue »

EDGE News: President Barack Obama Gives...

America has been in the process of mourning the loss of the 27 souls who were victims of the senseless act of violence of a very demented young man who entered Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday morning and opened fire throughout the school killing his mother, the school’s principal, 20 children (none over the age of 7) and various… Continue »

EDGE News: 17-Year-Old Boy Shot to...

In a very tragic version of deja vu, a young Florida boy has been shot to death following an argument over loud music. Michael Dunn, 45, opened fire on a group of African American boys outside of a gas station after he allegedly approached the group with a demand to turn down their music. After the boys did not agree… Continue »