EDGE Blog: A Letter For The Friends Who...

by: iman n. milner   Last year, I missed the wedding of one of my closest friends. A wedding that I had RSVP-ed for and even chosen fish for my entree at the reception. I felt awful. I was here in Los Angeles working on what I thought would be a dream project. The crazy (and absolutely f$%@& frustrating) part… Continue »
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Wandering But Not Lost: Alex Elle

words: iman n. milner With social networks being oversaturated with narcissism and identities created in exchange for the currency of followers and “likes”, it’s not too often that you come across a person whose very soul shines far beyond their wittiness in hashtag creation needless to say; Alex Elle is a true gem. Her confidence and willingness to share her… Continue »

EDGE Discussion: You Have Everything...

by: iman n. milner For about the last two years I’ve tweeted this tweet: I just want to act, write, make love, travel and have pretty little brown babies with a man who loves art and hip hop. That’s it. — Iman N. Milner (@bestnewactress) April 10, 2012   I’d tweet it once every few weeks because I believe in… Continue »

EDGE BEAUTY: 5 Tips and Guidelines To...

When it comes to hair, many of us would love to obtain length and grow our hair long and healthy. And if you aren’t striving for long hair, you might be working towards healthy hair, which is even more important! Even though my hair isn’t as long as I’d like, I’ve finally figured out the ways to make my hair… Continue »

EDGE Discussion: Why Do We Crave...

Get More: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta written by : iman n. milner So, I know, it’s “only entertainment”, when it comes to reality shows but it’s high time we address why our generation is so obsessed with dysfunctional relationships. I made a promise to myself to never get sucked in to the Real Housewives or Love and Hip Hop traps that I see floating… Continue »

EDGE HEALTH: Eating Healthy With a Busy...

Feel like you are too busy to eat healthy? Don’t have time to make healthy foods from scracth? Read more to find out how to still eat healthy even with a busy schedule! Continue »

On The EDGE of Reality with Baiyu:...

Music can put you in the mood, break you out of your shell, cry with you when you’re down, and then put a smile on your face. A lot of times my fans will ask me to recommend a song for them to listen to depending on the things that their going through, so I thought that this might be… Continue »

On The EDGE of Reality with Baiyu:...

Wondering what key pieces will help you to update your Spring wardrobe? I recently stopped by Blend showroom to chat with my good friend and brilliant stylist Arzo on the best ways for a style maven to look super chic as the weather starts warming up. Check out her thoughts on the top 5 fashion must haves for the new… Continue »

On The EDGE of Reality with Baiyu:...

What’s Fashionable For Fall 2013   I know it’s hard for most of us to think about the Fall, especially since snow hasn’t even melted in New York City yet, but the fashion world has already been buzzing with the latest and greatest for the upcoming season. Having just been dazzled by glamour of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, I want… Continue »

On The EDGE of Reality with Baiyu: I...

There’s so much that I love about NYC. Maybe that’s why there’s t-shirts, mugs, hats, earrings—you name it—devoted to this very theme. I do, however feel that whenever folks come to New York, they always end up going through the usually touristy routine. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t recommend coming to New York without at least taking a nap… Continue »