EDGE Blog: A Letter For The Friends Who...

by: iman n. milner   Last year, I missed the wedding of one of my closest friends. A wedding that I had RSVP-ed for and even chosen fish for my entree at the reception. I felt awful. I was here in Los Angeles working on what I thought would be a dream project. The crazy (and absolutely f$%@& frustrating) part… Continue »

EDGE Discussion: You Have Everything...

by: iman n. milner For about the last two years I’ve tweeted this tweet: I just want to act, write, make love, travel and have pretty little brown babies with a man who loves art and hip hop. That’s it. — Iman N. Milner (@bestnewactress) April 10, 2012   I’d tweet it once every few weeks because I believe in… Continue »

EDGE Discussion: Why Do We Crave...

Get More: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta written by : iman n. milner So, I know, it’s “only entertainment”, when it comes to reality shows but it’s high time we address why our generation is so obsessed with dysfunctional relationships. I made a promise to myself to never get sucked in to the Real Housewives or Love and Hip Hop traps that I see floating… Continue »

Editor’s Note: Winter 2012

Well EDGErs, it’s the end of the year again. Time flies. I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for continuing to grow the EDGE brand and vision by supporting us, it’s truly remarkable to think we started this magazine in a two bedroom apartment in LA on the floor…literally. It’s become a labor of… Continue »

EDGE Politics: It’s Been An...

  It is safe to say that since 2008, President Barack Obama has been one of the few presidents in American history who young Americans have made it their job to be supportive of. Young people from all races, cultural backgrounds, religious affiliations, social classes, etc…have rallied, organized and volunteered to help our President in any way possible . Many… Continue »


words: iman n. milner   This has been on my mind for quite some time and I’ve been reluctant to jump into the conversation because of how sensitive people are and will always be about body image. But alas, here we go. I am a size 1. I work out. I do my best to have healthy eating habits while… Continue »

EDGE Blog: Is Sorry Enough?

We’ve all been there: at the end of an otherwise great relationship that’s ended because somewhere down the line…someone made a mistake. We go through the different phases of letting go and/or moving on but there are those times when we just can’t fully get that person out of our system. Sometimes it’s closure that we need and other times…is… Continue »

Welcome to #30Brands30Days!

We’re so happy to finally bring you #30Brands30days! So what is all this #30Brands30Days talk? Well, as young minority business owners (and females ones at that!) we know how hard it is to get your brand out there and being two years in it would have been great for someone with a platform to give us a push…and so we… Continue »

Behind The Scenes: EDGE CEOs, Staff and...

For the past two years, our CEOs have stayed pretty hidden, outside of our “Founders” page, lots of people don’t know this magazine is run by young people going after their dreams full force just like the people we feature between our pages. We’ve decided to change that this year! This is the first in what will be many videos,… Continue »


So Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I for one MISS my mother!! I’ve been away from home for quite some time, 7 years and counting, on average I see my mother about twice a year. Every Mother’s Day I lament my inability to give her the world but always make sure she knows how much she means… Continue »