He Say


He Say: Searching

We met in July. Now it’s November. And she has already been everything a woman can be to a man – except for, you know, that.   Her smile brings me energy I never thought I had, ready to bulldoze through her insecurities to find a resting place that she’ll respect and desire.   Desire…   She thinks I’m awesome…. Continue »

Day Late and $1 Short- That’s...

I love to see people flourish. I really do. I took it upon myself to poll some friends about things that women do that we (men) like. If you have a man that’s cool, you can add these things to your arsenal if you haven’t already done so. Single ladies need to use this list for when that time comes… Continue »

He Say: First Love

words by: r. preston clark   I haven’t met her yet. At least, I don’t think I have. There have been those in the past who I’ve spoken the words to, those who I had a deep affection towards. But love? Naw, I don’t think I’ve done that one before. I’ve heard about it. I’ve heard about the urgency to… Continue »

Day Late and $1 Short-...

  …. created a friendship that is.   Social Norms + Tradition are two things that effect us daily and we try our best to maintain them. Some are already mapped out for us, and others create their own and determine what’s right by…adapting to the current situation. We often have a “plan” that we throw in there and like… Continue »

He Say: Monogamy

written by: ronald p. clark Here’s my personal paraphrase of a popular saying: ‘A boy loves a million women one way, but a man loves one woman a million ways.’ You’ve heard this before in some variation. But it seems like this saying gets too much laughter as its reaction. Infidelity has become so commonplace, it is almost an expectation…. Continue »

He Say: R&B Is Me

written by: ronald p. clark I’m an R&B head. I love me some R&B. I love me some slow jams. I love me some New Jack Swing. I love me some sentences that start with ‘I love me’. (You have to read it in a different voice, don’t you?) I digress. I grew up on R&B. My house didn’t listen… Continue »

He Say: Real Love Exists

I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. It’s real. It can be done. It just might not happen as often now as it once did. I’ve watched a young man and woman who met in 11th grade. Him, a 6’4 basketball player with a keen sense of style. Her, a 5’10 beauty with a room-stopping smile. He was one… Continue »

Chris Paul, David Stern and The Veto...

The veto heard around the world. We all thought the New Orleans Hornets’ Chris Paul was headed to the Los Angeles Lakers with the Houston Rockets getting the Lakers’ Pau Gasol and the Hornets getting the Lakers’ Lamar Odom along with the Rockets’ Luis Scola, Kevin Martin and Goran Dragic, plus some draft picks. It wasn’t to be as NBA… Continue »

He Say: No Damage

written by: r. preston clark I’m a virgin. Okay, I’m lying but I am one in terms of adult relationships. Shocked? Don’t be. I got over the shock a long time ago. Yes, I realize I have a column discussing relationships and the dynamics of male and female interaction. And yes, I recognize that my being an adult relationship virgin… Continue »

The Curse of Texting-He Say

The lines of communication have been distorted. It will never be the same again. No longer are the days of sitting on the phone, forced to listen to the person on the other end breathe for hours because you had nothing else to do. No longer are the days where spending hours on the phone with your significant other constituted… Continue »