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The Tin Man

The Tin Man: Insecurities

We try our best to hide it. Our fears, our worries, our struggles, our moments of vulnerability that only our pillow cases or mirrors in closed bathrooms can attest to. These times as men that we hold close to the chest, only delving out bits and pieces of what truly ails us. Never allowing ourselves to show any sign of… Continue »

Just A Friend: Emotional Cheating

written by Ronald Clark In most cases, it isn’t malicious. It is usually a product of past relationships reappearing in a cluttered present that isn’t looking for any new company. It’s presence resonating as a roadblock to the union of the perpetrator and their companion. It’s a new phenomenon that’s just beginning to gain ground and become a topic gaining… Continue »

The Blame Game: Who Murdered Chivalry?

I’m not sorry for agreeing with Dave Chappelle, since, well, he’s sort of a genius. “Chivalry is dead…and women killed it.” Yes yes, you killed it. Murdered it. Took its life only to have regrets later as you sat around in shackles with your initials carved in them. It is 93.7% your fault. I can’t give you complete blame since… Continue »

M(i)s-Communication: What’s In A...

Jesus wept. You see how short that sentence was? Quick and to the point. This is proof that it was written by a man. That same sentence would have read like this if it was written by a woman. Ah hem…The tears flowed down the face of the son of God as the floor beneath him became drenched with the… Continue »

Unmasked: Take it off…

‘When I see your face/there’s not a thing that I would change/cause you’re amazing, just the way you are/And when you smile/the whole world stops and stares for a while/girl you’re amazing, just the way you are.’ Bruno Mars was on to something here. But I honestly don’t think too many people truly listened to his words nor took them… Continue »

The Good Girl Dilemma

I once had a conversation with a good friend of mine about a girl he was talking to. He seemed to like her so I asked him a simple question guys ask guys when speaking of newfound interests – ‘is she wifey material?’ Upon being asked this question, my friend paused. The pause was noticeable, even over the phone. His… Continue »

Can Boys & Girls JUST be friends?

It’s easy to answer yes or no to posed questions. Are you okay? Are you hungry? Will Ashanti ever braid her sideburns? You can easily state ‘yes’, ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to those three questions. But it would never be good enough. Yes and no are too easy. So with that said, can guys and girls be friends? No. Now, every… Continue »