She Say


She Say: Falling in Love with your Best...

It’s sudden and heavy, an avalanche descending from a glacier frozen for eons. You’ll deny it frequently and fervently, you’ll roll your eyes at the onlookers who’ve already discovered the truth and you’ll beat the emotion from your chest with a pen and a pad. None of this will work. It is upon this realization that it’ll dawn on you… Continue »

She Say: First Love

It was Calvin Klein cologne. A dribble on both sides of his neck was potent enough for hundreds of memories. Sometimes, when I pass the booth in a department store, I am convinced he’s just a few steps away. Our sixteen-year-old selves pushed dry lips together hoping a spark would arise. Hours later I’d find myself in the dark of… Continue »

She Say: Monogamy

The other said, “Love is cursed by monogamy.” –Kanye West My homegirl’s second boyfriend has a wife and his wife has a girlfriend and everyone is cool with that. If that just confused you, it should. They’re practicing polyamory: practice, desire, or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone… Continue »

She Say: Melody

On the eve after my sweet sixteen, Ruff Endz’s “Someone to Love You” boomed through the speakers of my father’s personal office computer. When my parents fell asleep, I’d use the solitude of his office to blast jams I’d saved to my playlist. Tonight was the night I’d found out that my yearlong crush and party escort was dating my… Continue »

Your Network Determines Your Net Worth

After spending a beautiful week in a beautiful place, I had a bit of an epiphany. I spent a total amount of maybe two hours on my phone twittering, why? I was actually in a place having a good time enjoying my friends and the weather, which is always necessary. Nevertheless I gained a plethora of new followers just by… Continue »

Twitter Crushin’

We all have them. When you see that unsuspecting soul walk by and your heart stops every time, so much so that its  almost annoying.  Your words get all tangled when you talk to them. Flirting is guaranteed when you are together. It’s your breath of fresh air. Your ice tea on a hot day.  Your crush. But wait, what… Continue »

“I can’t wait until I discover...

My mother said my father was a fool when she met him. At sixteen, he delved into childish antics and pranks all around the church they both attended. Going with the ideology that women mature at a much faster pace than men, she was absolutely sure that she was far too sophisticated for him.   Her take: I sashayed by… Continue »

The Facts Behind The Bird

Just this past week I was reading an article that stated that “social networks can be in some cases, more addicting  than some drugs and alcohol”. I’m not going to lie, that shit blew my mind. The fact that interacting online with [a lot of times] people that you don’t necessarily care to see in real life could be addictive…. Continue »

Day 6: The Beauty of the...

On twitter, it’s fully possible to talk to no one in particular and everyone all at the same time. Tweets can range from extremely unimportant information such as “Wow it’s Tuesday ” to fully useful information like finding out beyonce named her baby blue Ivy -_-. But no tweet is used more than the beloved SUBTWEET. The sub tweet is… Continue »

Day 5: VH1…Can We Have A Word?

Love And Hip Hop I am a huge advocate of being you. You is great, fantastic even. Nobody on this planet can be better at being you. I much rather have someone be their unadulterated self ( even if they are an asshole the size of Havanna Ginger’s well actual asshole, seriously Google that thang.) I digress whatever, point being… Continue »