EDGE Exclusive: The Game’s Jay...

by: iman n. milner BET‘s The Game has been a fan favorite for the channel’s audience since making its way over to the network in 2011. The show that follows the lives of professional athletes as they navigate personal life on and off the field, is gearing up for its seventh season tonight and after an explosive season 6 finale… Continue »

EDGE Exclusive: A Moment With...

by: iman n. milner I had the pleasure of sitting down with blogger Alex Elle last month to talk her new book Words From A Wanderer in addition to her life as not only a blogger but as a single mother . Here’s one of my favorite moments in which Alex talks about how her daughter changed her life for the better…. Continue »

EDGE Person of the Week: Areeayl...

Name: Areeayl Goodwin Age: 22 Hometown: Philly How does it feel to be a young Black woman in American and in business for yourself? I wouldn’t ask for my life to be any other way. I am such a freedom-lover/traveler/nomad and the fact that I am able to make up my own schedule, though hectic, is amazing. I feel extremely… Continue »
Dancer DuJuan Smart Jr

EDGE Person of the Week: Dancer DuJuan...

Name: DuJuan Smart Jr. Age: 23 Location: Los Angeles, CA Who are you as a man and as an artist? As a man, I am a person longing to break stereotypes, uplift his heritage and heal the world with love. As an artist, I am a force whose purpose is to redefine art, enlarge it’s capacity and educate audiences of… Continue »
Writer and nonprofit founder Isaiah Spriggs

EDGE Person of the Week: Isaiah Spriggs...

Name: Isaiah Spriggs Age: 21 Hometown: Detroit, MI Who are you as a man and as an artist? As a man I am love. Or, at least I try to be. I believe that each of us was put here to follow our path with love, in love. If there is nothing else I will leave behind, I want to… Continue »

EDGE Person of the Week: Shana Bea of...

Name: Shana Bea Hometown: Carson, Ca Age: 23 Who are you? A Lover of all things beautiful and simple. What do you do? Lifestyle Influence. Creator of Amoureaux Inc. Describe yourself as a woman. As a woman, I am still growing and learning. My life has totally been an evolution, so these days more and more I’m understanding what it… Continue »

Mindless Behavior: Elevated

by: iman n. milner photos: Tyren Redd for EDGE Magazine There is something to be said about being able to remember the entire career trajectory of an artist. To watch them ascend from new height to new height time after time, with ease, brings us, the spectators, pride as if somehow their success breaks through the glass ceilings standing in… Continue »

Olori Swank: Swank Is The New Black

by: iman n. milner Photos: Lance Gross for EDGE Magazine Webster’s Dictionary defines extraordinary as “unusually great” or “remarkable”. Extraordinary is not a word often used in our generation. We shy away from the magnitude of it, from what it suggests. But sometimes, the word just fits. Olori Swank is extraordinary. Her unique style combined with her commitment to excellence for… Continue »

The New Girl: Miss Mykie

by: iman n. milner photos by: BET Networks for EDGE Magazine When 106&Park announced it’s new hosts no one was more surprised than the independent artist from Houston, TX who’d only been called in once by BET prior to the moment that would introduce her to the world. For years Mykel Antoinea Gray, better know by her stage moniker Miss Mykie,… Continue »

A Belle in Brooklyn: Readies Her Second...

by: iman n. milner Many have said the business of blogging has given women a chance to scale the ladder of success without relying on their male counterparts for opportunities. For women of color, it’s given us a chance to put voice to our experience, breaking down the barrier of pre-imposed strength and replacing it with the complex vulnerability we… Continue »