Ramses Barden: One Of A Kind

by: iman n. milner photos: phoenix white for EDGE Magazine “Ramses is someone who is for the people. He’s caring, he’s loving, he’s engaged, he’s responsible, he’s committed, and he’s passionate”. There was no better way to start this feature on a man who blew me away from the moment we met up with him in his childhood home until… Continue »
Siana Treece Banner

EDGE ELITE: Siana Treece for The Siana...

  Who says there isn’t any fashion talent outside of New York? Sianna Treece a fashion designer and fine artist, is taking the design scene in Metro-Detroit by storm all while kicking butt and taking the names of any of her naysayers along the way. Her imaginative collection has electrified the city and been featured across the nation and even… Continue »

EDGE Black History: Malcolm X (May 19,...

On this day in 1965, one of our greatest lights was put out at the hands of one of the people he worked so hard to bring justice to. Malcolm X (born Malcolm Little) rose to fame as the leader of the Nation of Islam (Black Muslims) and as the opposing side to the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King,… Continue »

EDGE Person Of The Week: Rapper &...

  Name : Isaiah J. Tate Age: 24 Hometown: The Dirty Glove (Detroit) Current Town: NY/NJ EDGE: Who are you? As a man and as an artist.  Who are you as a man an artist? Wow, that’s deep. Joking. It’s crazy that people don’t ask questions like this more often. But to the point, I am an Alien wrapped in… Continue »

EDGE Person of the Week: Founder of...

Today is the second week in what will be our regular EDGE Magazine Person of the Week series or #EDGEPOW for you tweeters! We hope you find inspiration in the stories and interviews of the people we feature. Check out Maureen Eno: Who: Maureen Eno Age: 22 Hometown: New Jersey Here is what Maureen sent us about herself that made us want to… Continue »

EDGE Person of the Week:...

Meet Michelle Robinson Age:30 Location: Los Angeles Hometown: hard to pinpoint that considering I’ve moved around quite frequently in my childhood and adolescent life, more so on the east coast, which includes Maryland, Delaware, Philly and Brooklyn (which was the last place I resided before I moved to Cali), oh! and Georgia! lol, but I’ve lived majority of my adult… Continue »

Frank Jones: Every Body’s...

By: Ashley Nguyen Photos: Ashley Nguyen Frank Jones’ muscles don’t weigh him down. Not only is he the 2012 Powertec Spokesmodel Search Grand Prize Winner; he has trained celebrities such as Tyrese Gibson and appeared on covers of numerous fitness magazines. With various accolades under his belt, one would think he would be arrogant. There’s nothing further from the truth…. Continue »

The Beauty of Rebellion: Tae Heckard

by: iman n. milner Lashontae “Tae” Heckard is beautiful. And not beautiful in that generic store bought way. She has the kind of beauty that radiates from the inside out when she smiles. She has the kind of beauty that silences a room and gives no one permission to breath until she speaks. There’s an ease in her beauty that… Continue »

Next Up: Jonn Hart

At first glance Jonn Hart is a sweet boy next door with a sweet face and laid back demeanor. But his in your face first single “Who Booty” says other wise. Continuing the work of fellow Bay area representers Love Rance and Tyga, Jonn Hart makes music for the bad side in all of us while his velvet vocals caress… Continue »

Lights Please: Sterling...

words: iman n. milner Sterling “Steelo” Brim has become a fixture in the MTV generation through his no holds barred personality and commentary on “Ridiculousness” but he’s not just a funny guy with good looks. The Chicago native is slowly building a media empire lending his talents to budding fashion designers, stand up comedy as well as a sketch comedy… Continue »