EDGE Artist You’ll Love: Tia Ferrara

Hey EDGErs, meet Tia Ferrara. Tia Ferrara is an inspiring new artist who already has a legion of fans who support her talent, work ethic and drive.Tia gave up a secure lifestyle to move to Los Angeles and pursue her music career full time deciding to LIVE her dream, to BREATHE music, to IMMERSE into her passion, to SING her way to her heart’s freedom. With that decision came even more struggle, pain, rejection, heartache, and uncertainty… all of which Tia reflects in her music.

We’re always impressed by young women who aren’t strangers to hard work and have resolved themselves to not relying solely on their looks but instead taking the road less traveled by using their talent to catapult themselves. Take a listen to Tia’s new single “Ladies Night” which can also be heard in Sheikh Shoe Stores as the song has been placed in 142 of the company’s stores nationwide!

And check out Tia’s EPK:

Keep up with Tia at: @TiaFerreraMusic

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