Edge Fitness: Staying in Shape with Lisa Baugh

As obesity slowly becomes one of the leading causes of concern for minority women, Edge is working to make sure that none of our fierce Edge-ers fall victim. It’s never too early in life to be serious about living a healthy lifestyle. We all come in different shapes and sizes but is imperative that we are all taking steps to be our healthiest self. We found a great Edge-er who wants to help with small tips to get you focused on your health and fitness. Take some tips from our fitness guru of the month: Lisa Baugh, owner and founder of Better Body Health and Fitness Center

For Bay Area native Lisa Alice; healthy living is a passion. Being a self -made women, business owner and single parent, Lisa’s schedule is not for the meek. She is always on the go and yet finds time to maintain her body. Most of the time you will find her training in the park, teaching a class, running the beach, or even competing in a triathlon. Lisa knows first hand all the benefits that come along with living a healthy lifestyle and she wants to share it with you, so you can become a better you. The best you can be.

Why should fitness be important to us all?

Lisa: ” Fitness is an aphrodisiac. It makes you feel good about yourself ,it empowers you.Your health is everything! No matter what you want to be or what you want to do in life you will only be at your best, when you have a healthy body running the show. ”

What does being “In shape” really mean?

Lisa:  I view my health as something that embodies my mind, body and soul. Let’s start with our minds. Before you start a new fitness routine or diet, GET YO MIND RIGHT. Surround your self with cool, positive, and uplifting people that are on the same hype that you are on. If you spend your time with progressive people it becomes contagious. Try to lead a simple life, try to keep your living spaces and daily schedules together. Get rid of excess things and people that don’t benefit or uplift you. Now you are ready to embark on your body,you need to find a plan that is realistic. You need a workout plan that fits into your daily schedule,  still leaving you time for family, friends and work. ( sounds hard but it can be done) Try to find a fitness routine that involves things that you like. There are a million ways to make your heartbeat, pick three. Eating healthy can be a the biggest challenge for a lot of people. Remember a few things, watch your portions, stick to lean meats and less sugar. Better Body has a great diet for everyone. Finally when your mind and body become balanced, your soul will surely follow.

What does Better Body offer?

Personal one on one sessions, group classes, boot camps, motivation, and food.

Work Out Tips

Wanna drops pounds?

45 minutes of cardio three times a week for 6 weeks, you will see the fat melt away (consistency is the key).

Need to flatten that mid section?

Lie flat on the floor. Put your hands beside your head. Bring knees up to about 45- degree and slowly go through a bicycle pedal motion. Touch your left elbow to your right knee, then your right elbow to your left knee. Keep even, relaxed breathing throughout.

Visit www.yourbetterbody.net for more tips, schedule of classes and more info.

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