EDGE How-To: Become A Killer Intern

As spring approaches, so does intern season. As thousands of hopeful budding college fashion lovers scour the internet for summer internships, one can overlook what to actually do once they land the internship of their dreams. Being on the other side of the fashion coin, there were a lot of things I wish someone would have shared with me about internships and making the most of the experience. Before you go getting your feet wet in the industry, check out these fashion internship rules to live by.

  • Become and Asset Not a Liability- Your’e #1 goal for interning is gaining experience, making connections and of course landing a job. In order to be successful at any one of those, it is imperative to become an asset to whomever you work with. This means anticipating what is needed before it is needed and becoming the office go-to person! Outshine! Outwork!
  • NEVER complain! – You are always being watched.  Most full-timers in an office environment unfortunately view interns as being lazy and inexperienced. Never give them the chance to stand corrected by moaning and complaining. Remember there are thousands upon thousands that are waiting for the chance to fill your shoes. Treat your experience whether good or bad as an privilege that everyone doesn’t get. 
  • Use your resources wisely- Never ask a question that can be answered on your own. This means looking up definitions, directions, or people, on google, your phone, or the internet before asking for help. You want to position yourself as someone that is knowledgeable and professional, not as the person that constantly needs help. Questions are totally ok, but you shouldn’t be asking your Editor where the nearest drugstore is. 
  • Stay Busy- I get it, you are at the top of your class, are super excited about working in the actual industry and your boss is asking you to sort and alphabetize papers… As mindless as this may seem, every job counts and is important. Whenever you finish a task early, find something to do, shadow someone in a different department, or offer yourself for assistance to someone that seems busy. 
  • Dress and act the part – Wherever you are working watch and mimic the person who has the job you want. If they are wearing suits and ties everyday you should too. Do they work until the job is finished with few breaks? Then you should too. 
  • Find a mentor – Connect with someone that is better, faster, and smarter than you. This relationship should last well beyond your internship duration. In the future, great connections will help to alert you when there are job openings and how to navigate through your industry.
  • Written by Kori C. Fields of www.colourbynumbr.com @msvintagediva

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