EDGE Person of the Week: Shana Bea of QueenElleOhVee.com

Name: Shana Bea

Hometown: Carson, Ca

Age: 23

Who are you?

A Lover of all things beautiful and simple.

What do you do?

Lifestyle Influence. Creator of Amoureaux Inc.

Describe yourself as a woman.

As a woman, I am still growing and learning. My life has totally been an evolution, so these days more and more I’m understanding what it is to be a woman. Being strong in body, mind and voice. Passionate in love, drive and accomplishing my goals. Figuring out my place in this world, what it takes to be great and live comfortably. Not trying to be perfect but simply understanding that Life is a challenge, things change but moving gracefully through it all. A woman is not a woman until she is completely independent and secure in herself, and with every day I’m becoming that woman.

Describe yourself as an artist.

I don’t consider myself an artist. I’m a student and I am a teacher. Life is the best raconteur  and I simply live to hopefully change the life of another. I love expressing, I love teaching, I love giving people a new perspective or a different way of thinking. I have dreams of being the greatest Lifestyle Influencer of this generation. None conventional, but driven by love. I just believe our generational values have changed and in many aspects, as a whole we are far too gone. So I just wanna bring us back, ya know?

Who or what inspires you?

Life, people, things I see, things I love, people I love, everything really. My Nana and my mother, two very strong women that saved my life and everyday their words mold me. Just being here being able to appreciate and make my own choices inspires me to keep pushing and continue moving forward.

How has the city you’re from shaped the woman you are?

I’ve been on the move since I was 18. Being from Los Angeles, CA, then moving to Omaha, NE, then to Grambling, LA, back to Los Angeles, and then to New York has made me to be very, very strong and wise in many aspects. My foundation being LA, helped prepare me for my journey and actually going out and experiencing different people, lifestyles and cultures is shaping me into a woman, this woman. I’m able to think for myself, stand on my own and be strong in that because I’ve been able to transition so much, by myself. One of my favorite quotes is from Chuck Palanuick, “I am a combined effort of everyone I have ever known.” I do believe that everything and everyone I’ve encountered over the past 23 years shaped Bea.

How are you shaped by the city you’re currently living in?

Oh man, New York is a tough city lol, but I’m making it. Moving here definitely helped me realize my true self and put into perspective what I want to do with my life and how I will be useful in this world. It’s opened me up to a lot of opportunities and a lot of people and I’m more than grateful for it.

What does style mean to you?

Style is a form of self expression. So just like having a voice means everything to me, the way I carry myself and the things I choose to drape my body with does too. When I get up in the morning, based on how I feel, it results in how I look. It’s not calculated or forced, it just is. I love being a woman and being able to play with what I wear, its exhilarating. But when it comes to my style, I ALWAYS WANT TO BE COMFORTABLE. Living in NY has taught me a lot about being cute and practical, definitely!

Describe your personal style?

One word, Love. My personal style is simply a representation of my love for self.

How do you want to be remembered?

I want to be remembered as someone who not only wanted changed, but created it for our youth. Bringing love back into everyone’s equation reminding them that without it there is no success. If success is gained with love on the back burner, your happiness will be short lived. Temporary satisfaction should not be what we strive for as people. That girl full of love, lots of laughs and striving to make herself better and everyone else better is hopefully how I’ll continue to put my stamp on this earth.

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