EDGE Tribute: Celebs Honor Eddie Murphy for “One Night Only”

Last night Spike TV aired a touching and hilarious tribute to comedic legend Eddie Murphy featuring some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Throughout the night several of the heavy hitters in comedy took to the stage to take us through a career that has inspired so much of today’s culture. It’s actually amazing to think that over 25 years, we’ve all seen Eddie’s style duplicated and many of his most classic lines are still floating through hip hop and finding their way into sets of budding comedians everywhere.

One of Eddie’s closest buddies Arsenio Hall had a few words for him. Check it out below:

Coming to America is still one of the best comedic films in the history of cinema. Undisputed.

Of course a legend in his own right, Chris Rock, came to bust a few sides with laughter as well.

Martin has often referred to Eddie as one of his greatest inspirations and last night he came out to pay tribute like only he can:

Chubby Martin is so cute. Ha.

Sam Jackson spoke about Eddie giving him his first speaking role in Coming to America but also shared this tidbit about Eddie’s fondness for the word “f%$&”:

Of course, Eddie’s brother Charlie came out to show love:

Eddie took to the stage with Stevie Wonder for “Higher Ground”. Stevie, by the way, does a HILARIOUS impression of Eddie’s African jungle woman:

And Eddie brought the evening to a close with a heartfelt thank you:

If you missed it, it re-airs next Wednesday at 11pm on Spike TV.

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