Edge Vintage Finds: Vintage Vandalizm

Shrewd. EDGY. Thrifty. Fierce. Unapologetic. Creative. Lethal . Vintage. Cool. Eclectic. Femme Fatale. Classic.

Rarely do you come across someone who flawlessly personifies the  aforementioned characteristics, and rarely do you find such a genius blogger, stylist, model, artist,  and vintage boutique owner as VintageVandalizm. Would you believe me  if I told you that Jasmin Rodriquez the beauty and brains behind Vintage Vandalizm was only 24 years old? This self-proclaimed “black sheep,” vintage-aholic,  and history buff felt that ”It just made sense to start a blog and a small shop. I am addicted to thrift shopping so I have so much stuff that I am able to sell off some of it to bring in the new…” And bring it to new she does, there are so many faces to Jasmin and her thorough understanding of where her clothes come from truly shows. Her love affair with vintage clothing began at age 15 when she would scour the Salvation Army for affordable clothing that would apart from others, Jasmin gushes that her acquired ”knowledge of history has helped me understand the value of the things I find at thrift shops and I like to broadcast the great things I find on my blog.” Rodriguez a modern day pin-up, draws much of her inspiration from the 40s, 50s, amd 60s. With such a strong connection to things from the past, V.V. wastes no time telling why she loves vintage clothing. She goes on to explain that “… everything is one of a kind. How many times do you come across a vintage item twice? rareeeely. Anytime I wear something vintage, I know that no one will have the same outfit I have on. I like to look and be unique and I look at vintage clothing, accessories, and even antiques as treasure.” Used to standing out, V.V. started out by painting reworked clothes and modeling through the hallway at school as a “guerrilla marketing tactic” to both highlight and sell her artwork and new creations. A girl after my own heart, Jasmin has never met a thrift store that she doesn’t love, she suggests having an open mind when thrifting. “I don’t go into thrift stores looking for anything in particular and If I did, I’d end up with more than I had expected lol.” As far as having a blog and online boutique goes, Jasmin advices to “make sure [your] content is consistent. The only way to keep people entertained is to keep bringing something new things to the table… Just know if you do not take what you do seriously, no one else will.” ____________________________________

Jasmins top 3 DOs and DONTs of Vintage Shopping

DO have an open mind when thrift shopping, if you question something for just one-second, try it on and It might surprise you.

DO make sure you check the items you buy thoroughly. I purchased a mexican skull head jewelry box once and found a spider web inside of it when I got home lol.

DO take your time when you vintage shop as there is always treasure waiting to be found with a little patience. The only DONT I have is to never visit thrift shops in really pricey expensive areas, 9 times out of 10 they purchase things from goodwill’s and cheaper thrift stores and they knock up the price ridiculously.

On Haunted Vintage Finds

Well, I bought this dress once at Flores Antique boutique in Brooklyn and the owner of the shop told me that it was their most popular dress and tons and tons of girls didn’t fit the dress quite right. However, when I came in and tried it on it fit me perfectly and he told me it must have been made for me. I bought it but this purchase was verrry bittersweet. They say some vintage things whether it be clothing or antiques can carry the spirits of the people who possessed them before you, and every time I try to wear this dress the night just goes wrong. I am starting to think it might be haunted lol. Such a shame because it is so beautiful! I cant wait to wear it and actually have a good time! lol

Moral of the Story: Passion and Consistency wins the race… ” Through my struggles and my accomplishments, I hope to show women out there how to say “f*** you” to everyone who thinks you’re supposed to look, speak, act a certain way to be considered cool or in “style.” Follow your own heart, create your own style and be your own person.” – V. V.

WEB: http://vintagevandalizm.com/


CONTACT: vintagevandalizm@gmail.com

Written by Kori C. Fields