Edge Visuals: Jhene Aiko performs LIVE in LA

Last night in Los Angeles the queen of mixtapes put on an amazing show at Zanzibar nightclub. The show featured an array of hip hop artists but Miss Jhene was the lady of the hour. She took the stage just before midnight and was met with an incredible reception of fans reciting every lyric to some of her best songs from 2011′s Sailing Soul(s). She opened the show with “My Mine”, taking the stage just before midnight, she stunned in a flowing floor length skirt and midriff that revealed a tattoo sneaking up the side of her body. With her cascading dark curls and smooth voice she rocked the audience.

I overheard an audience member say “she’s the new school Sade” and I couldn’t agree more. Jhene’s stage presence and allure is not controlled by stiletto stomping and blaring high notes but by an ease and a calm that rides along ever so gently and stirs you deep. You experience her sound and feel her voice…just as you do with a great like Sade. There was nothing “put on” about her set, she moved fluidly between each song and the audience was along for the ride. She shared the stage with her real life beau, rapper Hope Wright, for their song “Do Better Blues” and transitioned to my personal favorite “July”.

One of the many highlights of her flawless show came when she payed homage to her self proclaimed mentor and slain rap great, Tupac Shakur, by covering his classic “Keep Ya Head Up”.

Since our story on her, Jhene has continued to skyrocket! Earlier this year she announced her signing with Def Jam under the wing of Chicago producer, No I.D. and is working full force on a follow up for our sailing soul(s). She remains one of our all time favorite Edge artists.

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