Edge’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Christian Keyes


Edge: Tell me about the journey to this place in your career:

Christian: I started modeling first, then maybe around ten years ago I started getting into theatre and fell in love with it. As theatre production kept getting bigger and bigger I started touring nationally.  That led me to move out to LA about 5 years ago.  I still do an occasional play or two when I can because I am always going to love it so I am always going to do it.  I am more into doing TV and film now, which is really cool because it’s really different.

When you’re modeling, different opportunities come to you. As I started to work more as a model, I started to get auditions for different things.

The first play audition that I got, I booked it and I was hooked and started taking some acting classes. I really hadn’t planned on jumping into acting because I thought music was going to take off for me first.


Edge: Describe yourself as a man.

As a man in general, I am always trying to get better and I am always trying to be a better person, a better father, and a better human being.  Helping people—whether it’s the homeless, taking time to speak to foster kids, high school students or whatever.  As a man I am never going to get comfortable with where I am. I always want to keep going. There is always room to improve.

As a man in a relationship, I hold myself accountable. I look at what I am doing. I look at if I am making enough time for her, if I am making her feel like a priority. She should know that she is special without me having to say it. I try to walk it as well as talk it. I try to lead by example in a relationship. I try to cut out all of the things that I don’t want to have to deal with and do all of the things that I want back- I want time, I want to feel special, I want to know that I am number one and there isn’t any number 2’s or 3’s or 4s.


Edge: What or who is your ideal woman? What is she like?

Christian: She’s got to be spiritual. I don’t want to be on the road filming in New Orleans or something, and she’s out here chasing other guys. She has to have a sense of humor. I like to laugh. I’m silly (laughs) I want to laugh and have a good time. So, she has to be spontaneous. She has to be as passionate as I am. She has to be driven, the kind of woman who is going to be good with or without me.  She doesn’t need me to do for her; she can do for herself and be amazing on her own. She has to compliment me and vice versa.  And most imperatively, a woman who is still strong enough to be a woman around me. Some women have to be the man in a relationship and approach a lot of relationships like that. You kind of have to “deprogram” them and remind them that “I am the man” in the relationship. Lets play our roles.


Edge: Define Love.

Christian: Love is when the mere thought of that person makes your whole day. You can have the worst day in the world and if somebody mentions them or something reminds you of them it brings a smile to your face immediately no matter how angry you are. It is unconditional and it doesn’t change.

I’ll know when I’ve met my wife when I love a woman the way I love my son. My son brightens my day.  I could be having the worst day in the world… sometimes my friends do it on purpose like,  “So, Keyes where’s your son?” And right away I’ll smile because I LOVE my son.  There’s nothing better. I hit the lottery when I got my son. I’ll know when I love a woman that way, that that’s my wife.

Edge: How would you make a woman feel special?

Christian: Learning love languages. Each woman equates love and attention and affection differently. For some women it’s just time, or playing in her hair. For some women it’s to support her career or come to some of her functions.  It might be doing stuff out doors and going hiking or whatever. Try to communicate with her and find out what she registers as “love” or “affection”.  For some people it may be little trinkets or gifts and stuff like that, although I don’t really dig that. I don’t want to buy a woman. I would much rather spend my time, affection and emotion on someone.

Edge: You play a man after a married woman on “Let’s Stay Together” How do you feel about infidelity?

Christian: First off in real life, I would never do that! I hate to say it but it was fun. In acting you do things that you would never ever do in real life. The reason I would never do that in real life is because I wouldn’t want to put that kind of energy or karma out there. I don’t want a man going hard after my wife when I do meet a woman, get married and settle down. You don’t do that. I am not a big fan of that at all, married or not. If I don’t want to be in a relationship I’m going to get out of it, you know? I would rather have that discussion, that uncomfortable discussion of “ hey, I don’t wanna be here, I’m not feeling this anymore” than to be cheating on somebody and they find out and have that discussion.


Edge: Are you opposed to Divorce?

Christian: No. People change and things change. I’m going to be careful so hopefully I can be married once and it will be a nice 30-40 year situation and that will be that. If my wife were unfaithful I can honestly say it’s curtains. “Pack your bags. Its over. “ It’s no longer sacred at that part.

If a woman or a man steps out on their marriage that vow is broken. There is no longer a vow to uphold. Anybody who loves me, I will tell them upfront there is going be a prenup. You aren’t going to wake up on Tuesday and say I want a divorce and I’m taking half just because it’s Tuesday. If I’m not cheating on you and I’m giving you all of my time and energy and putting you first you won’t just want a divorce. You are going to leave with what you came with. I have had friends who have been messed up over marriages. The system is set up for women, especially you women in California.

Edge: Describe a perfect Valentine’s Day date.

Christian: A nice dinner. Eating in or out. Sometimes a romantic dinner at home can be better than going out. I may set aside a massage therapist so that she can feel amazing, incredible. Maybe run her a bath—maybe give her one…. I don’t want to get too graphic but spending that time that you can’t spend with anyone else.

The first date would be lighter. The massage, the bubble bath and all of that, is not applicable for the first date. That is applicable for your woman.


Edge: Favorite Love song?

Christian: Anything Luther or Stevie


Edge: Top 5 songs to set the mood.


Tank- “Next Breath”, Goapele- “Play”, Anything Sade , Maxwell- “Pretty Wings” , “Lost without you”- Robin Thicke.

This is the “set the mood” list… the PLAYlist would be much longer. (laughs)


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Photos by: C Michael Williams







  1. Great interview as always !!! Christian love the pics!!!

    Posted by sonja on 16 July 12 at 3:55am
  2. Love LOVe LOVE this man! And I know how he’s going to look @ 50. He looks JUST like my babe when we were in college @ Howard.. Same height and everything LOL. I’m so lucky. Well. he is too. :-)

    Posted by Dee on 13 August 12 at 4:55pm
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  4. Such a good man and great interview. His Girlfriend is pretty lucky. Damn DAmn Damn. He aint single trust.

    Posted by Kelly on 22 August 12 at 3:58pm
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  7. Enjoyed the article. It’s rare to find men today who puts God first in his life. Would like to meet you one day.

    Posted by Marion Jackson on 15 November 13 at 3:18pm

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