Frank Jones: Every Body’s Inspiration

By: Ashley Nguyen

Photos: Ashley Nguyen

Frank Jones’ muscles don’t weigh him down. Not only is he the 2012 Powertec Spokesmodel Search Grand Prize Winner; he has trained celebrities such as Tyrese Gibson and appeared on covers of numerous fitness magazines. With various accolades under his belt, one would think he would be arrogant. There’s nothing further from the truth. During our shoot, his charm may have beat out his muscles in our favorite qualities to describe him. With a smile like a cherub and a set of manners that almost required us to pinch ourselves, Frank is indeed, one in a million.

Who is Frank Jones?
I am a Fitness professional, Model and aspiring actor. I have appeared in a music video showing my acting talents and have appeared in numerous well-known fitness magazines as well as multiple magazine covers internationally. I am a college graduate of Bemidji State University. I am the only boy of four of my parents children.

How would you describe yourself BEFORE you were a fitness model?

Before I was a fitness model I would describe myself as an average college graduate. I was working in corporate america and not enjoying my job. I was very much a home-body and hadn’t really been many places besides my home state and the state I went to college in. I definitely knew there was something more out there for me, just was unsure what, where and how.

What has been your biggest motivation to do what you do?

My biggest motivation has been my health. I started doing what I do as a result of my familly falling victim to hereditary disease. Some of the diseases include: Heart disease, Stroke, Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. I was working to prevent myself of that when my body started making amazing physical changes. Over all things, being healthy and prolonging my life-span seem to be the most important motivators.

What have been your biggest obstacles in accomplishing your goals? 

My biggest obstacles have been equally a number of things: color barriers, location, money, networking with the right people, expenses, continued learning and self-education etc… I think many of these things a lot of people experience when trying to become successful at something and it’s the ones who find a way or make a way that persevere. Many people do not understand that there are still people and companies that will tell you “No” due to your skin color. It makes finding work very tough. I like to go after those challenges, I think if someone has a good impression and great results from being chosen it can open up more opportunities for others of color. Meeting the right people and networking is very important. I used to be very shy now I’m not as much because I know that you have to have interpersonal skills to make it further in entertainment. Knowing who the people are that can make decisions in your career is vital. Being at the right place at the right time and continued networking can make an obstacle a little less stressful.

If we were to go with you to a days work out, what would a day with Frank be like?

I think most people would not want to go with me more than that one day. Well, first thing in the morning upon waking up I do 30 mins of moderate cardio. Then in the afternoon on an average day I will lift weights anywhere from 1-2hrs followed by 20 mins of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Cardio. Usually I also add an activity to my day, it could be anything from basketball, kickball, jogging, bike riding, rollerblading or more.

What has been your most notable accomplishment?

My most notable accomplishment to me would be my very first publishing in Physique Magazine (April 2010 issue 23). I was set to be published in the magazine over in Dubai. Once the magazine came out I found that I was selected to be on the cover. The images used were from my first photo shooting session I flew out to California for, so it was huge to me that I landed a cover right out the gate of starting in the fitness industry.

Favorite shoot? 

I enjoy every shoot that I do. I am always looking to learn something or try to create something new for myself so when that happens I am very pleased.

Who have been your favorite clients that you have worked with? Why?

One of my favorite clients I’ve worked with would be actor, singer, model Tyrese Gibson. This opportunity came to me by surprise. The thing about it that still gets me startled today is that days prior to us connecting I had just went through some hard times in my life. Following those times I was motivated by friends to keep working hard towards my career and things will happen, not to give up because I’ve come too far. So once I came out of my slump I decided to quote Tyrese’s character Jody from Baby Boy on my Facebook page. “Today i began a new life, for I am the master of my abilities and today is gonna be a great and beautiful day!” Believe it or not I was contacted by the man himself the following day. My Facebook page is private so if you’re not my friend you can’t view it. This opportunity doesn’t happen like that everyday.

What is Frank like in a relationship?

I am a very giving person. I enjoy pleasing my woman “your wish is my command”. I grew up in a house of 4 women so I am very protective with a kind heart. I really enjoy active relationships, the kind where it’s like you’re just as much best friends as lovers. Truthful, trustworthy and open.

What should we look forward to seeing from you in the future?

I am planning to continue my career in fitness while advancing my modeling to fashion. I’m just working hard to be better than what I was. the goals I set out to achieve shall all be something that will advance me closer to more dreams coming true.

Photos: Ashley Nguyen

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