Jennah Bell


We  stumbled upon this young lady through a friend last week and fell in love with her music.  Maybe we’re a bit late, but we think that our EDGERS should know about Miss Jennah Bell.

Jennah Bell is a 23 year old Oakland California native who studied at the Berklee College of Music . She now graces the stages of small underground lounges and subways in New York, sharing her acoustic guitar skills and eclectic style of song. Her first EP-Early Bird, is full of soulful compositions and quirky yet strong undertones.  With a timeless voice and beauty, she is clearly one of a kind.

“ She’s the type of person you will be sitting down talking with and she will sing randomly and play her guitar throughout the conversation. She’s so amazing. Makes me want to cry.”  Her sister Siggi says.


You can buy Early Bird here for only $5


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