The Fearless Original: Nick Young


            The Valley Village bachelor pad that is home to Washington Wizards guard, Nick Young is modest. A shelter for oversized flat screens and enough snacks to feed a summer camp of children, the condo would seem fit for a laid back and understated personality, neither of which describe the 6’7, 210 pound Young who stands out in every way possible.  Though a veteran in the league, his boyish energy is infectious and he still has the desire of a rookie: to continue to gain respect on and off the court for the player he is.

“It’s a dream come true being in this league but I still have so far to go. I want to be remembered as one of the great players”, he confesses, “I have yet to win a championship on any level: high school, college or NBA and I’ve never been an All –Star. I want to do all of that”.

But basketball is only one war in which he hopes to earn his stripes.

Since his arrival to the league in the 2007 draft, Nick Young has continued to turn heads not only on the court but everyday with his fashion sense. The LA native who calls himself “the best dressed man in the NBA” is now ready to step out and be the face of basketball style. “I haven’t really gotten the chance to get out there like that but once people see me and really get into my style…I see people start to emulate it”, a charming Young says through a grin. It is his confidence, mostly, that sells his image. An image that includes what many players would never dare to step out in. Fitted jeans, vintage wool sweaters, prints and patterns, Nick Young never fails to make a bold statement with his wardrobe and though not everyone understands his look he’s convinced that he can teach the fashion illiterate a thing or two.  “They don’t really have style (in the league), I tell all the young boys coming up to get slimmer, lose the baggy clothes and all that stuff. There’s really nothing that can be done for the vets, they’re too stuck in their ways now”, says Nick. And he’s not just solely critical of his basketball peers; he’s also pretty straight forward about his style preferences when it comes to the ladies. “I like to see women keep it simple. Jean cutoff shorts and a tank top, that’s more than enough. And anything but a whole bunch of makeup is just fine”.

As he discusses further his preferences in women’s dress we finally discuss what a handsome, 26 year old young man is doing hanging out with his homeboys (who came through his seemingly revolving condo door throughout the course of the day) instead of wining and dining a special someone. “Well, I’m looking to date, I’m looking for a date”, he says with a wink in my direction and a laugh, “I’m almost 30 so settling down is something that I’ve been thinking about. I had a couple of people in mind but things didn’t exactly work that way”.  His delve into relationship confessions leads him to discuss his desires for the future including a real want to have children. Spearheaded by his involvement in the community every summer with the Nick Young Youth Basketball camp, Young’s days of enjoying the single life with no responsibility are less exciting to him than they were in the past. “I’d love to have someone who can keep me in the house, a lady, and of course, have children. I love kids”.

One thing’s for sure. Any one lucky enough to have Nick Young around is in for a treat. His individuality, magnetism and sweet demeanor are a treasure and after all how can you dislike a guy who wears knit sweaters? Right.

written by iman milner

Photos by: Ashley Nguyen

MUA: Sarah Bahlibi

Stylist: Seth Brundle 


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