Show Me Your Papers

“No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

I don’t know when the last time you were in American History class, but just in case you slept through it, that quote is Section 1 of Article 2 of the United States Constitution. At no point in America’s over 200 year history has that clause been paid so close attention to.

Starting back in 2008 during the Presidential Campaign, the “Birther Movement” has seen a resurgence in the past few months thanks to no other than the “Fire-man” himself,Donald Trump. Trump has jumped in front of any camera that has a video feature to proclaim his doubts about President Barack Obama’s birth place. Trump even said hesent a research team down to Hawaii to investigate President Obama’s birth certificate and that he was “amazed” by what he had found.

In my honest opinion, anyone that doubts the citizenship of President Obama or questions his legitimacy are one of two things: lunatics or racists. Lets deal with the crazy conspiracy theory believers first. As with any good conspiracy, this one starts with someone in power/powerful organization, i.e. the most powerful person in the freeworld, and has a group of extremely pissed off people on the opposition that seem to lack reason, i.e. The Tea Party.

The birther movement began because then “candidate” Obama did not provide a “longform” birth certificate when his campaign for President began. Everyone knew he had a Kenyan father and had a lot of relatives still in Kenya and because he ran a near flawless campaign, the only thing his detractors could stand on was the fact that he never provided this “long form” birth certificate. They believed that Barack Obama could not ever be President of the United States because he wasn’t born here. Now all of this ridiculous nonsense should have been shut down all the way back in 2008 because Obama produced the only “form” of birth certificate legally available to Hawaiian citizens; he had to in order to run for President. The certificate of live birth that he produced listed both of his parents names, and all other relevant information that anyone would have on their own birth certificate.

But that did not stop the birthers, and the issue continued to be brought up over the next 2 years, even after Obama assumed the presidency. Lawsuits were filed by nuts like the “Birther Queen” Orly Taitz, members of the U.S. military went AWOL/refused to serve because their Commander-in Chief was not a natural citizen and therefore could not give them orders as President.

After a while though, all these ridiculous claims started to really look just that, ridiculous.

Anyone that truly questioned if the acting President of the United States was a natural citizen or not started looking crazy. But when Donald Trump threw his name into the hat for the 2012 Presidential elections, the birther movement grew larger than ever.
The movement got so big that as of April 26th, a poll conducted by USA Today showed that only 38% of Americans believe that the President of the United States is a natural born citizen!

Now lets think about what it really means if Obama wasn’t actually born in Hawaii……That means that for whatever reason, Obama’s mother, a young white woman, who dated an African man at a time when that was not acceptable, would have had to believe that her soon-to-be mixed son would grow up to be President of the United States. She would have had to believe that because he would be an American citizen regardless of what country he was born in because she was a citizen. But in order to be President, he would HAVE to be born here, or at least appear to be. So, all this means that the day President Obama was supposedly born in Kenya, his mom somehow convinced a newspaper in Hawaii to put her son’s name in the newborn section as being born that day (as it was), and she would have to find a government official, and a hospital official to forge a birth certificate and have Hawaiian doctor sign it. And the way she would have had to convince all of these people to do this is because she knew, in the racist 1960’s, that in 47 years, her half African child would become President of the United States……Get The F#ck Outta Here!

This leads to what I believe is the real reason behind the birther movement: racism. Since the Tea Party began, they have been screaming about the need to “Take our country back!” and go back to the days of America’s Founding Fathers. Umm…..take our country back from who? A black man? And unless I’m mistaken, I’m pretty sure all of our Founding Fathers were slave owners that counted African Americans as 3/5 of a person………..that’s what we need to go back to? The fact of the matter is that Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t fit into the mold of what some of America views as a President.They do not believe that a black man should be able to run this country, and they are now questioning his legitimacy as our leader even though it has been proven over and over again.

As I’m sure you know by now, on April 27, President Obama, through a special request of the Hawaii Department of Health, provided his long form birth certificate to the public.He said he did it to basically shut everybody up and start focusing on the more serious issues facing our country right now. But of course, it did not please the birther group,who now claim that it is a forged document and question why it took him 2 years to produce it.
This all reminds me of a time in America’s dark history were people of color were not even allowed to walk the streets without paperwork documenting who they were and that they were free. These were called “Freedom Papers”. President Obama was essentially forced to show his “Freedom Papers”, in a country that he received more votes than any person in Presidential election history. The leader of the free world was forced to prove that he is even eligible for the position. As previously said, not one time in our over 230 years as a country have we even thought to question the citizenship of an elected President, but then again, we also have not had a President of color until now either.

President Obama will never be able to satisfy the birther movement because they don’t want to be satisfied. The same day that he attempted to and provided his birth certificate,they started calling for his college transcripts, because rumor has it that he wasn’t the greatest student, even though he graduated as Editor of the Harvard Law Review, the most prestigious law review in the country. They claim that he was a benefactor of Affirmative Action and took the spot of a more qualified white student. The racism will not end, and the accusations will keep coming. I am just proud to have a President that shakes the haters off and keeps doing his thing. Although we have come a long way by simply electing a black man to the highest office in the country, it is now clear that we still have a long way to go.


  1. African People said he was born there. Most of us have read what they had to say and believed them as bho refused to release his certifying document. If you haven;t read what the Africans said here it is p3275 Born on African Soil. We The People needed to find out the Truth and Donald TRUMP got it for us. So WE are Thankful. But just know the Birther issue started off with Statements of FACT by the AFRICANS- it is not a “racist” issue . It is an American Issue. And so Far bho’s policies have revealed him to be of Foreign policy from foreign lands.

    Posted by Georgtown on 04 May 11 at 1:05pm
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