Vulnerability: the life of an artist.

Vulnerability is defined by Webster as the capability or ability to be hurt.

So there’s no wonder why we often times run away from the thought of being vulnerable in any situation but especially in those situations in which there’s someone involved whom we care for.

We shield it.

We don’t want it.

We shut down before it even gets a chance to be real.

But most artists simply can’t. We can’t turn it off. We’ve gotten so used to being emotionally open that turning it off is just not that simple.

We wear our vulnerability ,usually masked by confidence or over pronounced strength, on our sleeves. And though we often try to pretend to have it all figured out–how to balance who we are as creative beings with how we must be in order to not be on the brink of tears every moment of every day–ask of any of us to show a little vulnerability and the wounds open in seconds…the emotions we’ve tried our best to bottle inside…have been sitting just slightly under the surface.

just slightly.

*came across these amazing photos by Sam Taylor-Wood…all of the men are actors…”some of the men began to cry even before i finished loading the film” she said…*

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